Our Team


Dr. Lakshmish Ramsaswamy

Department of Computer Science
The University of Georgia

PhD Students

Neda Abolhassani

Neda's research area is Data Harmonization and Database Federation.

Navid Hashemi

Navid's research area is Big Data Analytics, Visualization and Data Mining.

Delaram Yazdansepas

Delaram's research area is Ubiquitous Computing and Pervasive Systems.

Faranak Jalalzadehfard

Faranak's research area is Data Mining in Social Networks and Machine Learning.

Sahar Voghoei

Sahar's research area is Graph Processing and Big Data.

Vinay Boddula

Vinay's research area is Sustainabilty, Big Data Analytics and Information extraction.

Michael Scott

Michael's research area is healthcare informatics and distributed systems.

Master's Students

Anuja Jadhav

Anuja's research area is Environmental monitoring using crowdsensing.


Dr. Amir Abdolrashidi

PhD - Spring 2016, Currently with Accenture Research Labs.

Dr. Victor Lawson

PhD - Summer 2016, Currently a faculty member in CS Department at UGA